X11 and XKb, Numlock

X11 and XKb, Numlock

Post by Samuel Kvasnic » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00

Does anybody here have a link to a good documentation on XKb & keyboard
configuration in X11R6 3.3.2 ?  I found some examples but no real docs.
And I'm lazy to read the sources.

And a second question:
Why keyboard mappings and (mouse in xterm) get weird after switching
num-lock ?
I thought it's a window manager specific problem - especially in fvwm
even focus handling
gets weird. Now I found less - but similar problems in KDE. Especially
Delete doesn't work
with num-lock ON.

Samuel Kvasnica

1040 Wien                    tel:   +43-1-58801-3672


1. Need XKB documentation + French,Russian XKB table

Hi all,
I currently using a 105 keys MF 2 keyboard.
Three keys (the microsoft WIN95 ones) are currently unused.
I would like to use them for switching between German, French and Russian
keyboard layout.

In order to implement such functionality I would like to write a new Layout
using the XKB protocol. Unfortunately I haven't found any documentation
telling how to write XKB tables yet.

In order to ensure the proper keyboard layout I need sample XKB or Xmodmap
files for Russian and French keyboards.

I can read German, English and French (_not_ Russian yet). Please respond
using  one of these languages.

Thanks for your help


ADDRESS: Florian Rupp                PHONE: ++49-241-890253

         D-52074 Aachen

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