Xfree86-4.2.1not working on ATI Xpert LCD

Xfree86-4.2.1not working on ATI Xpert LCD

Post by Shingo Tamar » Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:04:32

Hi, folks.

Today I installed Vine linux (Japanese enhanced linux based on
Redhat) which came with XFree86-4.2.1 not working on my system.
Please help!

The situation is as follows.

I first installed Vine linux on my PC (mobo:ASUS P55T2P4,
video:ATI Xpert LCD, monitor:Dell ES-17). This distro checks
if the X server works fine or not right after finishing all the
files. I made sure that X works fine at 1024x768 and 1280x1024

However, after I rebooted and XDM was launched, the monitor
becomes blinking and nothing displayed on it. It seemed like
the X server was not configured properly, due to some wrong
parameters in XF86Config-4. So I rebooted again with text mode,
logged in as root and rebuilt XF86Config-4 by using Xconfigurator
again. But the X server doesn't work in the final check at the
end of the configuration process. The monitor is just blinking
and nothing displayed on it.

I tried again and again with changing the options. Then I found
that X server works if I choose the lowest resolution and the
lowest refresh rate, meaning 640x480 at 60Hz.

Strangely enough, I checked the real vertical refresh rate in this
condition and found it to be 123 Hz, more than double of the
configured value. I again rebuilt the XF86Config-4 so that X server
does NOT work. Then I checked the vertical refresh rate and it
was found to be 174 Hz.

In summary, X server worked fine only during the installation
process of Vine linux. After the installation is finished and
the system is rebooted, X server works only at VGA resolution
and is screwed up at any higher resolutions.

So my question is,

1: Is XFree86-4.2.1 working on your ATI Xpert LCD card?
   If it is, how did you configure X?

2: Is there any possibility that only SVGA server works on this
   card? If so, how can I switch the Xserver from Mach64 to SVGA?

3: If you need more info for answering my question, what should I
   check and report?

4: Is there any info source I should look into to solve this

Thanks in advance.