Diamond Stealth ISA VRAM

Diamond Stealth ISA VRAM

Post by vp24n.. » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm setting up one of these on a system with XF86 3.1.2

Everything is fine, except the display is all screwed up :|

When it starts, the black-and-white checker pattern
only shows up in the top left corner.
The blue comes up nice, and the virtual pager comes up okay.
But as soon as I try to move the pager, it leaves copies
all over the screen.
I must admit it is a neat effect, but its undesirable for normal use.

The text comes up all garbled also.

What option do I enable to crowbar this into functionality?

(I know Diamond isn't a supported card in 3.1.1, but people out there
have it working, and I want to too)