Radeon and Xfree86 on Suse Linux

Radeon and Xfree86 on Suse Linux

Post by M » Sun, 31 Mar 2002 02:45:12


I am in the process of installing SuSE 7.0 Professional on a machine
that has a Redeon 32mb DDR graphics card. The linux install goes fine
until YaST2 wants me to test the monitor settings. The only setting I
am able to choose in 800 X 600 resolution and 16bpp. It completes the
install, and I can get into X.

Now, I want to get my video card up and running correctly. First I
tried to change the setting using sax and sax2, but both of them
errored out, saying no X-server was installed. My next step was to
download and install the latest version of Xfree86. I dowloaded it,
and ran the install.sh script to start the install. It seems like it
installed correctly, and when I reboot, and try to get into X, I get
the following error, 'glibc_2.2 not found.', and it does not load X.
My next question is where can I get the latest version of this file,
and how do I install it.

Also, if anyone has suggestions on other ways of getting this video
card working properly, it would be appreciated. This is my first linux
install, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone,



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I could really ude some help with this. I have been working on the
stuff a couple of days now and gotten to some point. I have a Radeon
32 QD running on a G3 ( i suppose old world since Bootx works as boot
Finally I got Xfree86 4.1 and 2.4.9-benh0 running.

Here is the problem.

When I start X (Gnome) via startx it works, but when i exit or try to
switch via Ctrl+Alt+Fx I get a blank screen. I can still execute
commands but get no output on the screen. If i restart X again:
startx, Gnome comes back.
I am not using fbdev, because the card would not initialize with more
then 8 bpp.

Furthermore there are a lot of: Symbol .... unresolved! messages
produced when starting X just with startx or XFree86 -configure.
Latter won't because of Symbol vgaHWGetIndex in .... is unresolved!

Any ideas that will bring my screen back to life?

tia, M

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