Problem with XF86Config

Problem with XF86Config

Post by crai » Sun, 10 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I've been working on a mode to run at 1152x864 with my Diamond Stealth
64.  I've gotten one that ALMOST works, except the image "drifts" from
the left to the right.  I've been going over the documentation for
setting up modelines and nothing seems to cover a problem like this.
It's not that the screen is offset, but it slowly moves to the left,
then back to the right over several hours.  While the motion is not
noticable, if I leave the machine running I do have to adjust the
screen via the monitor's controls.

Here's the section on the screen's mode:

# 1152x864
Mode "1152x864"
        DotClock        95
        HTimings        1152 1168 1408 1440
        VTimings        864   864  867  887

Any ideas?

Craig Kawahara

                ...It's hard work being this bored...