Desktop disappearing under RH8.0

Desktop disappearing under RH8.0

Post by Marc » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 16:51:19

Hi all,

My system is Red Hat 8.0. From day one, getting online using the
connection manager causes my desktop to disappear. Occasionally, the
items come back (no apparent reason for this) but they don't work. In
fact, when they do come back, opening a window (any window) allows you
to 'rub' the icons out as if the window is an eraser. However,
generally, I just don't have a desktop. Has anyone had this problem.

Cheers, Marco.


1. Desktop Icons Disappears - RH8

I logged out and back in again this morning, and when I logged back in, the
background was OK, and the panel (task bar?) at the bottom was fine, and
the start menu had all the icons on it, but there are no icons on the
desktop, not even the original ones from the install.

I've shut down, logged in and back out, to no avail.  I log in as root or
other uses, and they are all there, but for this one specific user, the
icons are gone.  I can't right click on the desktop either.  NOthing

ANy help?

Thanks a lot

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