Monitor Mode lines for 1600x1200 res

Monitor Mode lines for 1600x1200 res

Post by Michael Clewle » Sat, 05 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I have a voodoo rush 128 3d hercules stingray. I know that I can use the

AT25 chipset to run 1600x1200 (well it works in winblowz anyhow), But
need to know the monitor mode lines for my XF86Config file. Any
comments, replies and even corrections on my statements/questions would
be greatly appreciated =-D.

Pre-Emptive Thanks.



1. 1600x1200 mode line?

I've been trying to develop a mode line to use XFree86 at 1600x1200
resolution using the technique mentioned in Eric Raymond's article on video
modes (in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc).  So far I've been unsuccessful.  The mode
line I came up with is as follows:

Mode "1600x1200" 230 1600 1632 2416 2448 1200 1203 1223 1253

I'm using an STB Velocity 128 on a multisync monitor that supports 30-95 kHz
hsync and 50-160 Hz vertical refresh.  The dot clock value (230 MHz) is the
value that X probed on startup (the maximum, reportedly).  I use the
frequencies in the comment under Windows, so I know they work with my card
(and it's also mentioned in the user's manual).  I calculated the hsync
pulse to be about 3.5 microseconds, and the vertical pulse to be about 20

However, when I try this setting, I just get a black screen.  Can anyone
point me to some sample 1600x1200 mode settings for X, especially for this
video card (I couldn't find any mention at STB's web site)?  Why does
XFree86 only include settings for up to 1280x1024?  Do the 1600x1200
settings vary so much more?  What are the (other) possible clock frequencies
for the Velocity 128?


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