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Yes...use the Suse ATI 128 server.  It works really well.  Go to for instructions.

David St.Clair

"David Cabernel

Quote:> I've checked the XFree86 Video Card and X server list, and my ATI
> All-In-Wonder 128 is not yet supported.  Does this mean if I use the
> plain ATI All-In_Wonder driver it will not work at all or does it mean I
> just won't be able to use all the features?

> I did notice previous message about the SuSe ATI Rage 128, which is the
> chip on my card.  Would this be a better choice?

> David Cabernel


1. Xfree and ATI All-in-wonder 128 or ATI Rage fury 128

Hi everybody

I want to buy an ATI All-in-wonder 128.
Someone has this Videocard (or another one with ATI Rage 128bit chipset like
Rage fury) together with Linux? About Xfree?
I read the XFree Faq and I saw there no ATI RAGE 128 support...
Afterall can I use just simple VGA (640*480) (or better) even if XFREE
doesn't recognize the ATI Rage 128 chipset???

Sorry for my school english
Thanks a lot

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