Where can I find Diamond VIPER P9000 VLB Linux X drivers ?

Where can I find Diamond VIPER P9000 VLB Linux X drivers ?

Post by paul LAUREN » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

I just arrived in the Newsgroup today and I don't know anything about Linux
graphic X drivers.

My problem is :
I would to install Linux on my PC computer. My video card is a Diamond VIPER
P9000 VLB (VESA) and I don't know if it's possible to find a Linux X graphic
driver for it (on the net).
In fact, I would like to be sure before buying a CD-ROM, a new hard-disk and

Last year, I asked the same question but there was nothing done at this moment.
The only positive answer I had was to configure the card to display pictures in
standard VGA mode (640x480 and only 16 colors but Diamond VIPER can do
1280x1024 256 colors).

Perhaps, Linux supports it now ???
Or perhaps, anyone developped a driver for the VIPER ???

If someone could helped me, he would be welcomed.

Thank you in advance.



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Hello ereverybody,

In my previous mail, I was asking some information about the VIPER P9000 and

Now, if somebody already owns a Linux/Diamond VIPER configuration, I would
be very happy to know how it works ??

Does it work well ?
Is it easy or difficult to set up ?

Thank you in advance.

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