Argc! black screen, cursor only - X w/ Stealth 24

Argc! black screen, cursor only - X w/ Stealth 24

Post by Jason Lu » Sun, 30 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Grrr...   I just spent all day downloading X, only to find that it
doesn't work.

Here's my problem:

I'm running Linux 1.2.12 (Slackware) on a 486/33.  XFree86 v3.11 I have a
VLB Diamond Stealth 24 card with 1 meg of VRAM.  It's connected to a NEC
Multisync 3FGx.

Whenever I start up X, (using startx or just plain X), some garbage flies
by (looks like random pixels) and the screen becomes black.  The 'X'
cursor shows up.  If I click the button to bring up the pop-up menu, it
will show up.  However, if I click on any of the options, the menu
displays another copy of itself where I clicked.  (the original menu is
still there).   My .xintrc brings up one xterm and oclock.  Typing and
clicking on different places of the screen do nothing.  The cursor does
change as I move it from place to place (it goes from the X to the typing
cursor, to the arrow, etc).    

It's like there is a black cover over everything, and no matter where I
click nothing happens.

I've tried putting no clock settings, using the Stealth clock chip.  I
put in the different options, but I still get the same problem.

I have cycled using Ctrl-Alt-Minus/Plus, but that just resets the
resolution and makes the cursor larger or bigger (depending on the

I'm using the S3 server, but I haven't tried any of the others.

Any suggestions?  All help is appreciated.



1. 24-bit X server for S3 (esp. Stealth 24)

        I'm producing high-quality ray-traced images with 24-bit color.
As the complexity (number of colors, especially) rises, the more
unattractive they look on an 8-bit display.

        To view these images as they ought to be viewed, and use my
hardware to its full potential, I need a 24-bit X server. I own
an S3 86C805-based Stealth 24 VLB. I understand that support for
this adapter is limited because of Diamond's policies about
releasing programming information only under a nondisclosure
agreement. Even so, there must be a program that will set the
640x480x24-bit color mode for X. I'd like to know about such
a program.

        Perhaps those of us that are unfortunate enough to own
Diamond's products should form a users group. If we work
together, maybe we can change Diamond's policies.

David Young (Computer Enthusiast and Nice Guy)

David Young (Computer Enthusiast and Nice Guy)
"We're mild and green and squeaky clean" -- Zooropa, by U2

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