Check me on use of Linux/XFree86 & Solaris w Motif app

Check me on use of Linux/XFree86 & Solaris w Motif app

Post by huttjabb » Tue, 22 Aug 1995 04:00:00

We will be running a Motif application on a Sun Solaris system here.
I would like to be able to access this app from Linux.  Do I need anything
beyond XFree86 3.1.1 running on the Linux box (Slackware 2.3 dist).
I am just starting in the X world but have already read the LDP HOWTOs on
XFree86 and didn't resolve anything.  Thanks for any advice.

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1. ===HELP: How to port UNIX + Motif client/server app to a WWW app ?? ===


I'm interested to find out what might be the best
approach to convert a large Sun UNIX client-server TCP/IP
base C/C++/Motif/Sybase application over to a Web-based

In particular, the client-server app consists of a client-
based X/Motif UNIX app which connects to a database
server application.  The client displays tabular and
graphical data as retrieved from the server application.
The client app makes TCP/IP and SQL calls to the server
which is running C/C++ and a Sybase RDMS.  The server
processes the client requests and then sends raw data
via TCP/IP for the client UNIX workstation to graphically
display with Motif v1.2 calls.

I'm interested in porting the client-server apps to a
PC/Apache + Linux + PHP3 + mySql + HTML environment in
which a Web browser can make requests to the Web server.
The Linux/Apache web server would create and send .gif
images of the data to the browser "on-the-fly". Tabular
data from the server would be sent to the browser via DHTML/
HTML/Java/PHP3, etc.

My hope is that:

1. the Sybase code could be ported to mySQL

2. the client and server C/C++ code could run almnost
as-is under Linux on the server

3. the Motif code could be ported to a freeware/Linux
version of Motif adn run almost as-is

4. the client UI code could be ported to HTML + a server

5. the Motif graphical output on the server could be
converted to .gifs on the server using some Motif -> .gif
converter code.  The .gif is then sent to the browser
per each browser request.

6. ...or some variation of the above or ??

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas/pointers on how
this porting process could be done most easily/quickly
given the different options I might have.

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