using console fonts in X

using console fonts in X

Post by Rahul Jai » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00

How did Rasterman et. al. get their Eterm to use their bashprompt
program?? Those line drawing characters are not in the default fonts, so
I get a bunch of strange-looking *(U w/ circumflex, superscripted 2,
plus/minus, and degree symbol)

Is there any way I can convert a console font to an X font? ... Or at
least, can someone give me a font that has the same character mapping?

Also, does anyone have the standard console font, rescaled to 12 pixels
high? I have 16, 14, and 8 already, but my preferred console resolution
is 116x43x9 (I'm running at 116x50x9 which is a bit too small for a
mediochre 17 incher, since the lower resolutions don't provide nearly
enough lines per screen. If anyone has a 17 inch Trinitron or a good 19+
inch monitor they feel like donating to a poor, hungry college student,
I would be *extremely* greatful ... If I could find a way to fit a 19+
inch on my desk... Maybe a bigger desk as well... And while we're at it,
maybe an apartment where I can put the desk... :-)

Please e-mail responses to me as well, since I don't have much time to
wade through my newsgroups.


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what i want to do is use a larger font.  this would change the memory
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the QUESTION:  what fonts can i use and where do i find them?  i have
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can i use X-fonts for the dos console font?  if no, where can i find
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