Xfree86 Config for #9 Vision330 (Trio64 chipset)

Xfree86 Config for #9 Vision330 (Trio64 chipset)

Post by Neil L Sha » Fri, 22 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to configure Xfree86 to allow my #9 video card to run at
higher resolutions than 640x480x256c.  I have tried numerous times
tinkering with the resolution lines in XFConfig, but to no avail.

Anyone out there with #9 Vision330?  My monitor is an off-brand model
(MegaImage 14" - CAC14MG), capable of 1024x768 in Windows.

I would appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.

Neil Sharp


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Has anyone had any success with getting X to work with a S3 Trio64
chipset (in a Miro 22SD 2 MB PCI card)?  I've managed to get X up
and running using 640x480 Mono (ick!), but so far have had no luck
at all with either the generic SVGA or the S3 verions of Xfree3.1.

Any help, suggestions on where else to look, or XF86Config files
would be much appreciated!  Email replies would be best 'cause
our news feed is a little flaky.  Thanks.


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