switchbox problem, mouse lost on returning to Linux/X

switchbox problem, mouse lost on returning to Linux/X

Post by ihomeb.. » Tue, 11 May 1999 04:00:00

This is a long shot but here goes...

I use a Belkin OmniCube 4-Port PS/2 switch box to share
keyboard/mouse/video between my laptop and other hosts on my LAN, which
currently include one FreeBSD 3.1 server and one NT 4.0 server.  The
problem is when I switch from my laptop (running RH 5.2 w/ kernel 2.2.6
and XFree86 to FreeBSD or NT, and then switch back to my laptop
I lose my mouse in X.  I have to kill X and restart it to get my mouse
back.  I am using an IntelliMouse (e.g. "IMPS/2" in my XF86Config).

My laptop dual boots Win98 and the mouse works OK when I switch away and
then switch back when booted under Windows 98, so I don't think it's a
hardware issue.  I don't think it's an X issue either since the same
mouse and same version of X work on my FreeBSD box when I switch away
and back.  Therefore I conclude it must be a Linux issue... it's almost
as if the kernel cannot maintain state on the PS/2 port when the mouse
gets disconnected (since effectivley that's what is happening when the
switchbox changes ports).  I think it's complicated by the fact that my
laptop (a Micron TransPort Trek2) shares one PS/2 port for both keyboard
and mouse (it uses a "Y" splitter).  My guess is that Linux tries to
maintain state on the PS/2 port and since it's shared between two
devices the keyboard wins.

This is a wierd one... ideas???  TIA.

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