Monitor Refresh Rates

Monitor Refresh Rates

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My first reaction would be yes.  I recently fried an Acer Monitor because I
set the
refresh rates a little too high (1 - 2 HHz).  It took 2 days of running
fine before the
monitor started to flack out

> I have a NEC MultiSync 3FGx Monitor and a Nvidia Riva 128 video card.
> The monitor's Horizontal refresh rate ranges are between 31-38 KHz and
> 47-49 Khz. At 800x600 resolution, I can get a good picture only if I set
> the H refresh rate at 43 Khz (I think this is because the monitor/video
> card driver combo at this resolution doesn't match up. I tried many
> different mode line settings). My question is: will this damage the
> monitor because the Hsync is in between ranges? I am running XFree86
> 4.0.

> Thanks
> Sandeep


1. Setting Monitor Refresh Rate

I have "de-uglified" the fonts on RH 6.1 (as per the HOW-TO).  The ttf's,
etc., are an improvement.  In Para the HOW-TO there is mention of
setting the monitor refresh rate as high as possible (say, 85 vs. 60 Hz).  I
cannot see a method for doing this using Xconfigurator, and just changing
values in XF86Config crashed the X server.  Is there a recommended
method of changing this rate?

Monitor is a Dell UltraScan D1025HTX (which seems capable of
the 85 Hz rate).

Good luck and good sailing.
s/v Kerry Deare of Barnegat (remove 'BOAT')

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