Help: OTI-077 & NEC 3FGx

Help: OTI-077 & NEC 3FGx

Post by mmh4.. » Sat, 08 Apr 1995 04:00:00


Does anyone have information about setting up linux for this combo of
chips & monitor?  I'm trying to get X working on an old Packard Bell
486/25sx.  Docs are very sparse on the video; no docs at all on monitor
because it's second-hand.  If nothing else, I would like to be able to

results if I ever get it to work.

Thanks in advance!


Mark M. Hoffman


1. Help: OTI-077 w/ NEC 3FGx?


I'm having trouble configuring X to use these two components.  The monitor is
second hand, and the video is built onto the Mboard (ala Packard Bell.)  Thus,
documentation for both is non-existant.  I've tried to use both the SVGA256
and VGA16 servers without success.  Am I missing something critical?  I've
read as many docs as I could find so far... faqs, howto's, etc.  My last
chance is to call Packard Bell... (*ugh*)

Thanks in advance.


Mark M. Hoffman

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