Q: dosemu on Viper330 AGP failed

Q: dosemu on Viper330 AGP failed

Post by Frank Schoenher » Fri, 09 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi all !

I tried to use dosemu on my linux (SuSE 5.2), works in command mode.
When I try to start a game using VGA graphic, it failed. The screen
looks like an unsolved  puzzle. square parts of the expected picture
are place somewhere at the screen.

X itself, works great, (kde, all tested appls.).
I have a diamond Viper 330 APG graphic card, (RIVA128)

May be a copy of the dosemu config file would be helpfull.

Thanks for any hint !


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Hi *,

I'm fairly new to installing Linux on machines and I was wondering;
would Linux ( slackware 3.5 dist. ) give me any problems with my Viper
330 -AGP- Video card?  Or, will the AGP-Bus give me any problems at all
running X or the svgalib?

Thanks in advance,

Filip Maertens

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