sound card not supported!

sound card not supported!

Post by Blinkin' » Tue, 04 Sep 2001 23:40:36


I've just installed RH 6.2 and found that my sound card (Intel Corporation
82801AA, 82810 AC'97 Audio) is not supported.

Is there anything I could do to get around this?

Thanks for any help


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I have a Hitachi Flora 220FX notebook. It has a sound card which is
Yamaha (model: YMF-744B [DS-1S Audio Controller] ).Currently Red hat 9
linux is installed in it. The problem is that red hat 9 does not seem
to support this. The message during soundcard detection says that this
card may not be compatible with red hat linux.  What is the solution
of this problem? Is its driver available somewhere? Also, does some
other version of linux, e.g. Mandrake, Suse, etc. support it?


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