ALT+Tab How to make it behave like Win95

ALT+Tab How to make it behave like Win95

Post by Zoran Marjansk » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I really like the keyboard shortcuts Win95 has. Particularly the cycling
thru applications with Alt+Tab.

I'm using XFCE2 as my window manager, which I believe is a derivative of
fvwm2. I've read thru the man pages but have been successful in getting
this to work.

Anyone managed to get this to work?

Thanks, Zoran.


1. ALT-TAB bug (ALT-TAB on empty desktop, KDE1.1.2)


First, it seems another guy has already found this bug, but I have found
no answer in the FAQ nor in the mailing-list archive, please tell me if
you know a fix (send me an email).


If you 'ALT-TAB' on an empty desktop, kde loses its mind : you can still
move the mouse, you can click on menus, but no application pops-up.
ALT+CTL+F1 does not switch to virtual terminal, and ALT+CTL+BACKSPACE
does not kill X. Your only hope is to reset your computer. (Windows
look-and-feel ?)

This does not depend on the "ALT-TAB concerns only current desktop" or
"KDR / CDE style".
Besides, now "ALT-TAB" switches ONLY between apps on the same desktop,
regardless the preferences.

May be it is a detail...however I think I remember that ALT-TAB used to
show a beautiful set of icons of current applications (exactly like
Windows'ALT-TAB) so that you can chose which app you want to switch to.
Now it does not do this anymore...

Ok, I HAVE been rude with my computer, but I had always thought it did
not understand...

I have removed the kde-base package, and re-installed it. ALT-TAB is
still not working properly : I mean it is always for apps on the same
desktop (regardless the config choice), and I still have not the
beautiful small icons set.


I have an (old) K6 200, a S3-Virge 4Mb, and so on...
Mandrake 7.0
Recompiled-kernel (I only removed unused features : SCSI, radio, PS/2
mouse, etc...)
linux 2.2.14-15mdk

KDE 1.1.2 (on i586)

Hey, since a lot of very-concerned people are going to read this, I
would like to add that I wish that when your mouse pointer is at the
right-side of your screen, you expect it to appear on the left-side on
the screen of the next desktop (for people who have chosen 'active
borders' of course).

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