Diamond Viper VLB (P9000)

Diamond Viper VLB (P9000)

Post by Christopher Michael Colli » Sun, 07 Jun 1998 04:00:00

>My Linux doesn't regocnize my Viper VLB.
>I use XFree86 3.33. When start XF86Setup the Setupprogram don't start.

>I tried also XFree86 3.1.2 with XF86Config, so I get a
>Configurationfile, but the Server quits with error 111.

>I think Linux doen't identify the P9000 chip.

        I am having the exact same problem.  X does not work with
this chip using *ANY* server so far.  The Viper card has a bios
upgrade(mine already has the new one) and a RAMDAC upgrade to
135mhz, which mine does *not* have.  I don't know if these will
make any difference.
        Maybe you can e-mail me your XF86Config file and we
can swp notes.
        If anyone else has any example of a Diamond Viper VLB
working with XFree86 3.3.2 please let me know.




1. Diamond Viper VLB - P9000/XFree86-3.1 Working

Thanks to Tanvir Hassan, Erik, Wayne Adams, Thomas
Jennings, Eric Sorton, Henry Worth and others for
advice that helped me get my Viper running!

If anyone else has trouble getting a ViperVLB running try these two

1.   Make sure you have the line

        Chipset vipervlb

     in your device section.

2.   Get the program Harry Lagenbacher's "ini2xconfig"
     program which creates modelines and clocks for
     a perfect configuration from data contained in
     your VIPER.INI file.

Good Luck!

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