anyone try XFree86 3.2A on I128 ?

anyone try XFree86 3.2A on I128 ?

Post by Steve Longerbea » Sun, 06 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I'm currently running the un-accellerated 3.2 X11 server for the Number
Nine Imagine 128 PCI card. I'm running Slackware 96 on a Dell PPro

Does anyone have experience running the 3.2A beta I128 server (with
some preliminary accelleration)? Did you notice any marked
improvement in performance?



1. Xfree86 3.2A SVGA Server on Xfree86 3.2

        I have istalled in my computer xfree86 3.2 which came with the
Slackware 3.2 distribution of Linux.
        The problem is that the version hi have istalled hasnt got
support for my video card in any of its servers (my card is a SiS6205
) and I found that the version 3.2A had support for it, in the SVGA
server, so I downloaded the SVGA server, but I don't know how to
configure it.
        I would appreciate if some one could help me.
        Thanks in advance


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