XSendEvent() Not working!! Hints on how to debug?!

XSendEvent() Not working!! Hints on how to debug?!

Post by sasa » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to perform the following exercize the following in X event

I have an xterm window open with id = 0x300000d

Now I want to write a piece of code that simulates the keyboard by sending
keys to this xterm. The effect I am hoping is that characters will appear
in the xterm window.

Here's the jist of my code:


  /* I have display and window available at this point */

  long emask=(KeyPressMask|KeyReleaseMask);

  XSelectInput (display, window, emask);

        XKeyPressedEvent evnt;

        evnt.serial = 0;
        evnt.send_event = 1;
        evnt.display = display;
        evnt.window = window;
        evnt.root = 0x25;
        evnt.subwindow = 0;
        evnt.time = CURRENT_TIME;
        evnt.x = 0;
        evnt.y = 0;
        evnt.x_root = 0;
        evnt.y_root = 0;
        evnt.state = 0;
        evnt.keycode = 40; /* I am typing an A */
        evnt.same_screen = 1;

        evnt.type = KeyPress;              
        status  = XSendEvent(display, window, (Bool)1, emask, (XEvent *)&evnt);

        evnt.type = KeyRelease;
        status  = XSendEvent(display, window, (Bool)1, emask, (XEvent *)&evnt);


I would appreciate hints on how to debug this problem. I basically don't get
anythinig in my Xterm window.

Please email back if you can.




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I'm trying to develop a game using only XLib. I need to have some kind
of synchronization. For that I tought of using a second process which
simply sends some event for the main process to respond to. I tried
sending the "ClientMessage" event with something like this :

   XClientMessageEvent ev;

      XSendEvent(dpy, win1 , True, eventmask, (XEvent *)&ev);

but the main loop doesn't seem to receive any event. The main loop looks
like this :

   switch (event.type)
      case Expose:
      case KeyPress:
         XDestroyWindow(dpy, win1);
         XDrawString(dpy, win1, gc, 20, 40, "Other Event", 11);

What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you in advance for your help ...

JF Boily


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