I need Redhat CDE

I need Redhat CDE

Post by Jay Munsterma » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> f you have the RED HAT CDE, please tell me where I can download it.
> For the hint give you MOTIF 2.0.

Red Hat's release of Tri-Teal's CDE is a commercial product.  For
information, I recommend contacting them. It comes with Motif libraries,
I don't
recall which version.

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Hi there,

I'm running RedHat 5.0 and TriTeal CDE 1.2

I decided to go for CDE based on reviews and recommendations on line.

I find that I need a more basic manual than that offeredj

Some questions:

The manual says you have the option to logon to command line, but I
don't see that option in the logon menu.  How do you get back to the
command line?

How do you do a clean shutdown?

I just can't get out of the Xserver without being presented with yet
another logon screen!

Please cc me on any replies.  The usegroup coverage is rather sporadic
on my server!



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