TGUI9680 problems under XFree86 3.2, IRQ-conflicts ?

TGUI9680 problems under XFree86 3.2, IRQ-conflicts ?

Post by Werner Thom » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

I have some trouble with my system (System : Intel 133/64MB RAM, Soyo 5STF a.s.o.)
using X-Windows (3.2) and an older serial Logitech mouse (3 buttons, pilot mouse). I use a
Trident PCI-card (2MB, TGUI9680) with a 1024x768x256 resolution with the SVGA-server. For every movement of the
mouse I see some horizontal white strips (sometimes longer than 10cm) and the screen flickers.
It's like watching an old film with some fadeouts...One can work but it is really unsatisfying
and it clearly prevents longer sessions (maybe my wife did some tricks to limit my sessions:-))

The mouse is connected to the first serial connector (COM1, tty00) using IRQ5!! (known from xosview).
I must start 'gpm' before starting X, otherwise the screen remains dark and the complete system including
all virtual consoles is definitely dead. Only the 'reset' helps which is of course lways followed by a
fschk to the beginning of the next session.

Booting DOS the mouse uses IRQ 4 because the sound card driver for my 'Pro Audio Spectrum +' takes IRQ 5!!!
The sound card isn't used under Linux (as I found in the faq's, this sound card isn't suported by Linux) but
could it be that there is any interaction between the two devices ?

Who knows a way to assign IRQ's under Linux as it is possible under DOS via drivers in the config.sys ?

On my older system (486/66, 16MB RAM, 512KB Video 7 card, VGA16-server, 640x480x16 resolution,
the same mouse, the same sound card) I never had these problems.

Thanks in advance for help,


PS.: As i know now from studying other entries related to this, it might by a general problem of this viedo card
used together with XFree86. I plan to buy a Diamond Stealth 200x now...