Zoltrix TV MAX tv tuner and vid capture card..

Zoltrix TV MAX tv tuner and vid capture card..

Post by leslie y » Fri, 26 Jun 1998 04:00:00

hey all,

just wondering if *anyone* has gotten this card to work under linux?
it uses bt848 too.. but on the bttv page, nothing is said about it.



1. AGP video card, TV tuner and capture card

   I am planning to buy a new PC. I am a Slackware Linux user.
 The point is that I want advice, experiences, suggestions, etc
  concerning what AGP video card and PAL-TV tuner with video capture
 card should I buy. The best would be a card including everything like
 the ALL-IN-WONDER Pro card. But I think this does not support Linux.
 I have seen the BTTV page. But I want to make sure of the following
    a) I want the AGP video card to be accelerated under Linux
    b) I want to be able to have  resizable TV windows
    c)  I want to access teletext
    d)  I want to be able to capture video sequences

           If you can help me in some way in my decision I would be very

 grateful and I will put my experience to the service of  future

           Thank you very much

           Antonio Gonzalez-Arroyo
           Departamento de Fisica Teorica
           Univ. Autonoma de Madrid
            Madrid, SPAIN

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