Help \w digital hinote 2000 XF86Config?

Help \w digital hinote 2000 XF86Config?

Post by Joseph Man » Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:00:00

my wish list:

1. digital hinote 2000 XF86Config for XGA (1024x768)


2. the specs for the monitor (esp. Horizontal and Vertical scan
(does this make sense for a LCD screen?)

what I know already:
the screen has a 60hz refresh rate at 1024x768

the chipset is ct65554 \w 2M

other: when I use xvidtune there seems to be no change when
I adjust then length/width/etc parameters (either on automatic or
when I hit test)

thanks for any help


1. Network on Digital HiNote 2000


I am currently installing Linux on a Digital HiNote Ultra 2000
machine. All was fine until the network setup...
In fact, this notebook contains a Xircom combo 10/100 Ethernet and
56k modem card inside. But I don't know how to link it to the /dev/eth0
and /dev/modem.

Here is the situation :

* The pcmcia_core module is loaded correctly.
* I have the xirc2ps_cs module which is the driver for the Xircom card.

However these modules would only work if I plug a PCMCIA card. Since
the Xircom card is inside the notebook, there is not such thing as
"OK, I just plugged a card, wake up and link the driver to it !!!"

I have search information by Xircom, Digital, PCMCIA-Howto, laptop

Any suggestion will be welcomed.

Have a nice day.


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