XV (slakware) lacking crucial binary?

XV (slakware) lacking crucial binary?

Post by Joshua Sutterfiel » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

hello thar.  I recently have been downloading some config scripts for my window manager so hopefully i can get snazzy backgrounds and a nice customized environment (just recently installed linux and X).  I noticed that all the graphics customization generally involves calls in the script to xv, and I don't have this stinking binary for some reason... I've installed the XV package twice, once from a cdrom, once from ftp.umr.edu/pub/slackware-3.2/slakware
now, the dern thing installs manpages for the xv command itself, but never actually installs the command...
a friend suggested that this has something to do with a file i lack called
but i have no clue about that either.
similar problem with "xtoolplaces" called by owplaces which needs to execute successfully in order to save my current window environment stuff... xtoolplaces simply isnt there but its manpage is...

so, more generally, anyone have any idea why packages would install manpages and not the actual corresponding binaries?

Josh Sutterfield

(if you could also cc any replies to this to that email addy, that'd be really cool)


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There is of course ld.so in usr/lib and yes I've run ldconfig -v.  I'm
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