Stealth64 Video 3200 Setup Problem.

Stealth64 Video 3200 Setup Problem.

Post by Murat Fadilog » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00


i am having a real problem getting X windows running.
I have tried a variety of configurations.

My Card is:

Stealth64 Video 3200, (PCI,2MB VRAM)

I haver read many suggestions. Yet my X-windows does not
even start.  Couple of lines written then no activity. Yet I can
get out of it with ^C.

Also when I ran X -probeonly the computer is stuck after finding
my mouse.

I would be really grateful if someone can give me a clue.

Murat Fadiloglu


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I am!!!

My problem is with configuring Xwindows for use with my Stealth64 Video 3200
which uses the S3Vision968 chip which Xwindows currently does not support.I use
a Sony Multiscan 15SF monitor and a P5-100 system.Can anyone who has managed to
start up his Xwindows with a S3 968 chip kindly provide me with a copy of the
XF86Config file.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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