chooser/xdm config problem

chooser/xdm config problem

Post by Geoff La » Fri, 10 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Is it possible to configure xdm/chooser to do the following...

        a) both run on the same linux box (say it's called twirl)
        b) have chooser offer a menu including twirl and a number of
          other remote Unix systems.

I feel that this should be possible but have never managed to get it to
work.  I manage to get chooser running with a menu of remote systems but can
never get it to include the system that chooser is running on.

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1. xdm/chooser config problem

I want to use xdm/chooser to display a menu offering both the Linux PC *and*
other remote clients when I boot the PC.  I am unable to configure
xdm/chooser to do this but it must be possible?  I've been through the
HOWTO's and the O'Reilly book (vol8) and am now totally confused.

How is this done?  Is there a version dependent bug preventing success?

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