Communicator 4.03 news reader

Communicator 4.03 news reader

Post by Anthony Truscot » Sun, 05 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am unable to access my local news server because Netscape tries to

I am connected through a ppp link and Netscape tries to use my local


Any help on this issue?  Thanks.


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Hello All,

Under my ~/.netscape/xover-cache directory there live some huge files
with the name of the news-group and the extension is .snm.
For example comp.os.linux.networking.snm.
How to cleanup these files?
Under the pull-down 'File' there is an option 'Clean up disk' but that
doesn't do much, and 'compress all folders' seems to be only for mail.

Sometimes while downloading a news-group, Communicator crashes.
When I start again and do the same thing, it crashes at the same point.
Probably there is something wrong with one of the news-messages
downloading. Can I do something about that?
Best regards, and don't let the bits byte!

Ivo Naninck.

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