settin speaker volume

settin speaker volume

Post by ragnaro » Sun, 23 May 1999 04:00:00


I just installed mandrakes linux 5.3 and all has gone well until now. when I
use kppp it readies the modem and then just sits there for ever setting the
speaker volume. I dont know where even to start, if anyone has had this
problem or knows of a fix please let me know.

Thanks allot.


1. how to turn down speaker volume?

on a SNI SCENIC MOBILE 710 notebook, I have the problem that the pcmcia-modem
creates a lot of noise thru the speakers. (There are buttons on the PC to controll
volume, but these seem to controll the sound card while the modem talks directly
to the speaker).
So how can I turn down the volume (other than plugging in a head set)?


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