elf vs. a.out binaries

elf vs. a.out binaries

Post by Ralph Stewa » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I just loaded Slackware linux from CD. Everything is cool; but I
needed to download 3.1.2 XF86free.  By chance I down loaded a.out
binaries, then downloaded the 3.1.2B a.out files. Everything is still
cool; but what is the difference? Can you mix and match? How does one
tell which are installed?  I knew nothing of elf vs a.out until I had
to make a choice in the downloading process.  What does one end up
with if one compiles binaries from source?  Is it a function of the
source or a function of the compiler?? I have yet to see a book that
discusses this subject.



1. Q: Compiling Elf binaries and a.out binaries....


I have the 2.1 slackware distribution andhave a desire to compile both
Elf and a.out binaries... please advice.

Kernel version = 1.2.11
Gcc = 2.6.3

Please respondw/ e-mail as I am unable to read anything but e-mail right now....



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