NEC Versa M: 800x600 laptop screen?

NEC Versa M: 800x600 laptop screen?

Post by Nelson Min » Sun, 15 Jan 1995 09:06:15

Is anyone out there running linux with X on a NEC Versa M laptop? In
particular the version that has the "high resolution screen" (800x600
active matrix display)? I think this would make a really slick laptop
UNIX (I hate small screens), but I have no idea if the X server would

NEC says the video chipset is a wd90c24a, so that's a good sign. I
know that X runs fine on the NEC Versa M with a 640x480 display
(Fintronic used to sell them), it's the 800x600 I'm concerned about.



1. NEC Versa 4200 800x600 TFT Color: X Server help

I love running Linux at home. I would like to run it on my laptop
at work also. So far I got X to run in 640x480 chip set to generic
using XF86_SVGA, RH5.0

My laptop screen can do 800x600. I do not know what video chip it has.
I like to set it so I can have 800x600. If any one did the Versa 4200
before I really need to know how you do it. I guess I mainly need

1. Chip info:
2. Which X server did you use:
3. the video dot clock(s) and the mode line: 800x600

Arnatt Klinsong

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