X 3.3.6 on NEC Versa SX

X 3.3.6 on NEC Versa SX

Post by Paul D. Smit » Mon, 15 Jan 2001 01:06:12

Hi; does anyone have this setup working?

I installed Debian 2.2, so I'm using the XFree86 3.3.6 SVGA server.
This laptop has a Trident *9388 chipset (2M).

I tried both XF86Setup and xf86config.  I found a well-linked site for
this laptop (http://www.veryComputer.com/~plaut/sx/) which contains lots of
good information, but the XF86Config there doesn't work for me.  It's an
older site and they reference XFree86 3.3.2.  I've tried it with and
without various options listed in the Trident README including no
options, turning on/off accel, no_mmio, etc. etc.

What happens is this: the card works at 1024x768 under 8-bit color mode,
but if I try to use 16-bit color mode I get a weird off-white screen
with kind of white "waves" across it for a few seconds, then it locks up
hard (no C-A-D, no C-A-F1, etc.)  Even the power button is dead; I have
to remove the battery to reset it.

I know this kind of system should do 16-bit color; others have gotten it
to work on theirs (at least that's what I've seen on the web).

I'm not sure what to do next; anyone else have a config that works with
3.3.6 in 16-bit color?  Should I try to use an older SVGA server?  I'd
like to avoid jumping to X 4.0.x, at least for now, unless everyone is
sure that will solve my problem.

Help!  Thanks...


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