SiS 86c205 and XFree ??

SiS 86c205 and XFree ??

Post by nbh » Wed, 15 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I have an AST computer (pentium 100) and I can't run
the X server. More exactly, it runs in 320x200.
My video card is an SiS 86c205, and my monitor probably
a generic super vga 1024x768. My os is linux RedHat 4.0
and the XFree distribution is the 3.2 one.

Has anyone else install this video card ?

Thanks in advance.


1. XF86 with SiS 86C205

hope that someone can answer this or suggest another newsgroup to try.
I am trying to install XF863.3.6 on a machine that has "on-board" video and
sound.  The video chip is an SiS 86C205 that appears to not have its own
memory, using instead shared system RAM.  When I run SuperProbe etc, the
report is that there is no memory.  Yet I note that the xf86 supported cards
lists the SiS 86C205.  Are there other versions of this that do have memory?
Do I need to switch off PnP or something?
More info: the mobo is:  GMB-P56SPC
                                      video chip is SiS 86C205, ( also
appears to use something else called the 5596 on the motherboard).
Hope someone can help - I have found other people asking this question, but
no answers!
Also, can anyone tell me where to find information on the SuSE xsis server?
I got an xsis.rpm which provides a server that appears to support the 630
and 570 chips, but I would like to read about it and cannot find info on


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