X Windows Monitor Configuration

X Windows Monitor Configuration

Post by H.J. » Tue, 26 Dec 1995 04:00:00

|> ~~~>    |    
|> And the X-windows people wonder why X hasn't captured the desktop
|> market. Surely, someone in Linuxland or Unixland has figured out how
|> to write autoedetection for VGA monitors- RIGHT? How about a simple
|> X-windows install. Hell - if you X-windows people really want to see X
|> become more popular, you could at least make the installation simpler.
|> Most of you people spend your time chasing people and flamng them
|> about putting an S on the end of the word 'window'. "It's X-window,
|> not X-windows". Get us an install program that does autodetection -
|> like need I say it - Windows 95 or NT. (I'll bet OS/3 has such)

I never got my monitor working right with resolution > 640x480 under
Windows 3.11 since my monitor was not on the driver's list. But
I got 1152x900 with 16 bit color under XFree86. So much for Windows.

What we need os a Web server which can take monitor setting/video card
inputs and creat a XF86Config database. It should also mail me back a
recommended XF86Config after I type in my setup.



X Windows Monitor Configuration

Post by Chris Peti » Tue, 26 Dec 1995 04:00:00

>What we need os a Web server which can take monitor setting/video card
>inputs and creat a XF86Config database. It should also mail me back a
>recommended XF86Config after I type in my setup.

        Better yet, a configuration program we can put up on FTP that will
autodetect the video card, and offer a selection of monitors.  AND, it would
not mind "tweaking" the modes a bit to get them to work on a particular


1. X Windows Monitor Configuration

Hello, I've got Linux up and running, but I'm having problems
editing the configuration file for X windows. It seemes to require
the most bizzare and minute technical details about my monitor, and
the online documentation basically warns that using the wrong
values will fry my tube. Yet doom for linux runs fine without knowing
my monitor's exact timing properties and so on.

Are these parameters really that important? Are there safe parameters
that any reasonable monitor could be expected to handle? Does anybody
out there have the exact parameters for my monitor, or know how I could
easily find out? I have a CDX model 1451ES monitor, and my video card
uses a trident chipset.

As far as configuring my video card, the documentation said that
it was supported for standard but not extended features. My card is
capable of 800*600*64K resolution, which I have grown rather fond of
under Windows. Is there a way I can take full advantage of my video
hardware? I can live with 640*480*256 for now, but I won't be able to
completely erase MESSY-DOS until I have it.  ;-D

Thank you for any help.

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