STB Horizon 64 PCI ??

STB Horizon 64 PCI ??

Post by Hamish Macdonal » Wed, 24 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I temporarily inherited a Pentium system with an STB Horizon 64 PCI
video card (at least, that is what the Windows 95 Hardware Profile

I want to get Linux and XFree86 working on this system, but I'm having
problems getting the XFree86 SVGA server working with the video card.

Does anybody have any experience with this video card and XFree86 and
have any pointers about configuration?



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 I have a big problem with my STB Horizon 64 PCI Video Card.
As far as I know, there is no XFree86 XServer that would be capable
of using this card, yet. But if anyone knows how to deal with
this video card I would be grateful for help.

PS. I tried a lot of chipsets from XF_VGA16 but all I was able to
obtain was a very poor quality, 640x400, 4 colors screen. And
almost no X clients running...

                     Thank for your help in advance.

   Jakub Moscicki (University of Minning and Mettalurgy, Cracow, Poland)

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