Problem with X-Windows, Sony CPD-220VS and Trident ProVidia 9658

Problem with X-Windows, Sony CPD-220VS and Trident ProVidia 9658

Post by B. S. McMILLA » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I've upgraded to Xfree 3.3.2 to use the ProVidia 9685(w/4MB) driver.
However, my Sony CPD-220VS monitor shuts down when I startX.  It reports
the input is out of scan range.  I believe it has to do with timings,
but I can't seem to get any good information to set-up.  This thing
(monitor) works well under Winders 95.  I've switched to another TGUI
Card (9680) and the same problem.

Has anyone figured the timing or has any idea on how I may go about
determining the proper steps to configure the monitor?

GO 43!!!


1. Sony CPD-220VS and Trident ProVidia 9685

The card appears to be working, however, the monitor checks out on me
when I start X (I've used startX and Metro-X)  The monitor reports the
frequency is out of scan range but I have spent more than a week trying
to tweek.  Has anyone been able to fix this problem?  I know the monitor
is working find under Winders 95.  I have upgraded to Xfree 3.3.2.

I am thinking it has to do with the scan timings but I can't seem to get
it write.  HELP

Please e-mail me with answer as well as post to news group.

GO 43

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