FVWM confused

FVWM confused

Post by David Thigpe » Mon, 21 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I've got some kind of configuration problem with fvwm that I can't resolve.
Many applications, when they are started, don't allow selection from their
sub-menus.  For example, on XBoard, when I click-hold on "File" I get the
sub-menu, but when I scroll up and down it, no selections are highlight, and I
can't select any.  My cursor changes from an "X" to a hand and then to a
pointer as I move across the desktop onto an app and then onto the menu bar, so
it seems as if the cursor position "tracking" is working ok.  Any ideas on what
causes the non-selection problem??

On a possibly related note, when I run FTPTool and get the main screen, then
select "connect", I get a new for input of my ftp destination.  I select "new"
and begin to type in a new destination, sunsite.unc.edu for example.  The first
key I touch (s) causes the app to close and disappear!!  Disconcerting to say
the least.  Any more ideas about this one??

Since everyone already thinks I'm an idiot, I'll go ahead and describe one more
problem I'm having under X.  When I start Workman, X hits the hard drive, and
then the window "ghost" shows up so I can place Workman on my desktop. As soon
as I place it, it disappears!  Are these related??

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Thanks in advance.


FVWM confused

Post by David Laude » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi David, I have one suggestion for the submenu access problem.

If the Caps Lock key is On, I have exactly the same behavior. Make sure it is

As for the other problems, have you checked for error messages to your console?
Workman may be having problems reading from the device.

Hope these feeble suggestions help.
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1. fvwm...doesnt' read .fvwm file??

I want to start using fvwm, so I read the man pages and started to
play with it.  Thing is, the only file that it will read (at startup)is the
default file (sample.fvwmrc).  No I know that I can change ThAT file,
but I'd like to have a .fvwm file in my home dir.  I created one, but
X doesn't want to read it.  I can run olvwm with no problem, but the
.fvwm file gets ignored.
  I commented out the olvwm line in my .xinitrc, and added fvwm &
I know that it looks in my home dir, because I changed the default
file name in the default dir and startx didn't work.  When the fail
came up, it told me that it couldn't find the default file OR the
.fvwm file in my home dir.  I have the permissions set to all read and
write, but I don't have the execute set, since the default file works
and it is not executable.  Anyone have any ideas about this?

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