xterm: no available ptys error message???

xterm: no available ptys error message???

Post by Ben Gob » Thu, 27 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I can not open xterm or any terminal emulator in X.
When I exit X I see the message "xterm: no available ptys".
If I try to open rxtv from the Program Menu in X, I also see
the error message "rxtv: aborting" and "rxtv: can't open pseudo-tty".
I have no problem getting X up, it comes up with Good Stuff and the
Xconsole.  Xconsole has the message "Couldn't open console".

This problem started when I upgraded RedHat to 4.0 (kernel 1.2.13).
X was working fine before I started mucking around.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
BTW, I am running a 586 with 42 MB RAM and have 8 MB swap.

Ben Goble \ Lakewood, CO USA

A Stranger and Pilgrim on the Earth.


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Dear computer guys,

I installed RH 4.1 a few weeks ago, managed to get X running and am
using AfterStep. Xterm will not run.  When I exit X, I get the message
"no available ptys" and that's it!  I checked through the newsgroup
archives and have tried ./MAKEDEV pty and set the file permissions to
777 (rwxrwxrwx), still no go.  Any suggestions?  For what it's worth,
I've got a cyber 9385 running with the VGA server.  Should I just start
over and reinstall, or what? Any suggestions?

--bryan mattern

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