xdm doesn't execute commands

xdm doesn't execute commands

Post by Harry Blais » Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hi, everyone.

I'm using RedHat 4.0 with XF86 3.2A.  When I start X with startx, all
the commands are working fine including executable files for
applications I'm running.   But when I'm in xdm, the commands are not
recognized.  Even "shutdown -r now" returns a "bash: command not found".
So I have to use "/sbin/shutdown -r now" to shut the system down.

What could be the problem.  I have gone back and made sure that the
directories are in my path.  Any help would be appreciated.



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I'm using ksh (Version M, 11/16/88i) on SunOS 5.6. I use vi as my
FCEDIT external editor. So I invoke it with e.g. "fc" or "fc 42". vi
starts up, with a filename like /tmp/sh24767.12.  Problem is, when I
save and quit with ZZ (or :wq for that matter), the command in the
buffer is not executed by ksh. I just get dumped back to my prompt.

If I do a :w then ctrl-z while I'm in vi, the command gets executed.
But that's not the way it's supposed to work. And that way I have to
go back and terminate the editor.

I have permissions to write to /tmp and vi doesn't give me any error

There are no other ksh users around here, so no local expert to help.

I couldn't find anything that seemed relevant in a newsgroup and Web

Anyone know how I might fix this?


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