3-button *Optical* Mouse Systems Mouse

3-button *Optical* Mouse Systems Mouse

Post by Chri » Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Where did you find one, and how much did it cost?  I looked for one a
while back, but didn't have any luck locating any....




1. 3-button *Optical* Mouse Systems Mouse in X Won't Configure Properly

3-button *Optical* MouseSystems Mouse in X Won't Configure Properly

I just purchased a 3-button *Optical* Mouse and I can't get the
middle button to work properly in X.  The Mouse Systems protocol
does not work at all.  When I move the mouse around a little,
everything gets all messed up, the pointer jumps around, and
menus flash.  I tried all combinations of ClearRTS and Clear DTR
and Emulate3Buttons and Chordmiddle.  I have tried just about
every possible configuration, and the most success I have is
with the Microsoft Protocol.  However, when I *click* the middle button,
the mouse acts as if the first button is being held down for
about half a second.  Emulate3Buttons works when buttons 1 and 3
are depressed, but I specifically bought this mouse so I can
have three buttons.

The actually mouse works perfectly fine in text mode with
"gpm -t ms"--this is the bare Microsoft protocol, not the
standard one.

Does anyone out there have one of these mice, or can someone
please offer some ideas?

Please respond to this account.


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