Asus S3 864 (PCI)

Asus S3 864 (PCI)

Post by Harald Koen » Fri, 24 Mar 1995 05:06:28

Quote:> I have an ASUS S3 graphics card with the 864 chip and 2 MB RAM (PCI). I'm
> using Slackware 2.02. However, I was not able to run XFree with high
> resolutions. The Config-utility doesn't know about my card, and also makecard

get XFree86 3.1.1 and use `xf86config' to build a config file.
see for a list of mirrors.



1. HELP me CONFIG X for ASUS S3 864 &KFC monitor!

So . I have problems producing acceptable XF86Config file.

I changed recently to newer version of XF86_S3 driver (3.1.1 )
and the little I had working , doesn't anymore.

The card is 1M ASUS S3 vision 864 PCI with s3sdac and monitor
KFC 15" multisync something with 80Mhz bandwidth
(little lcd display in front). with the older driver
 I managed to get some decent 800x600 and 900x700
type of gfx-modes working. But with 1024x768 the refresh rate would
drop to or below 60hz .

There is a programmable clock in this card , right?
older driver detected maximum dotclock to be 130Mhz, this new driver
says max dotclock is 110Mhz. Who do I believe?

I tried to use higher dotclocks to get better refresh rate for 1024x768
but it seemed that highest possible value that worked was 67.5.
If I defined value higher than that (68+), all I got was crazy
 horizontal lines and terrible sounding whistle from the monitor.

What goes wrong? The monitor should work up to 80Mhz
and card even above right?
I know it can do 1024x768NI 75Hz in Windows.

now with the newer driver only 640x480 mode works anymore
with exactly same config file.

If You have a working config file for a system similar to mine ,
or good idea how to make it work. I would be very interested.

Also the bios supported green Pc screen/cpu  power saving doesn't
work under linux. How can I get power saving?
with the olde driver , the option power_saver didn't have any effect.

Help appreciated.

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