installation problems: matrox g550 and redhat 7.1

installation problems: matrox g550 and redhat 7.1

Post by eff1 fa » Sun, 21 Oct 2001 04:23:21

i just got a g550.  dualview works great under w2k.  i'm now trying to
install rh7.1.  the installation program is graphically based and
displays/works fine.  however, then i try to setup X (i.e., choose  my
video card, monitor, and resolution, then click the "test setting"
button), it fails.  usually, after you hit "test setting", you'll get
an X desktop with a "do you see this message" dialog box.  i don't get
that at all.   there is no g550 video card option in the video card
list, so i've tried all the other matrox cards.  no luck here.  i've
even tried choose the "generic vga" video card, and still no luck.  i
don't get it.  any hints would be *greatly* appreciated.

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I have a little trouble installing Redhat 7.1 onto one of my computer
system.  I wanted to install RHL 7.1 on my SCSI HD.  However, it
doesn't regonize my SCSI controller.  I created a driver disk from the
RHL 7.1 CD.  After the system read the driver disk, it picked up my
ethernet card.  But still not my SCSI -- AHA1542B (Adaptec).

RHL 7.0 on the other hand asked me if there's any SCSI or network card
that I want to install.  So as soon as I specify my SCSI controller,
it regonized immediately.

More problem with 7.1:
Since it didn't install on my SCSI HD, I put it on my IDE driver.  I
installed everything excpet for "Development and Kernel Development".
I can't seem to find "linuxconf".  I did a {find . -name "linuxconf"
-print} from "/".  There's no sign of it.  Did RHL 7.1 did away with
linuxconf or I have to install everything to get linuxconf.  Without
it, I can't do a thing becasue I am still a newbie.  I don't know how
to setup everything manually.  I wanted 7.1 because it has a new
kernel with more support (supposingly) to new peripherals.

Please send e-mail response in addition to post -- Google new has a
loooong delay for postings.


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