S3 trio v2 dx/gx and STB velocity 128

S3 trio v2 dx/gx and STB velocity 128

Post by Ankur K Kothar » Mon, 18 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I was hoping someone with more experience than I could help me with my
problem with RH
I have the S3 triov2 dx/gx card built into my motherboard
I bought a STB Velocity 128

The monitor is plugged into the Velocity

when starting x i get
*** No configured devices found ***  

No screens found.

(i tihnk thats the error message ... my computer isnt in front of me)

I put in the settings for my Velocity in the XF86Config file
8192 KB
used the SVGA server

any suggestions for starting X?



1. STB Velocity 128 (nVidia Riva 128) support

Does anyone know if the STB Velocity 128 (nVidia Riva 128) supported
under Linux or where I may be able to find register level tech docs to
write the driver?  nVidia, the company the makes the chipset and STB
refuse both refuse by request for the information.

I currently have Win95 and WinNT on my PII system and would like to give
Linux and the BeOS(www.be.com) a try.  What does it mean in Linux for a
card to be unsupported?  For example, in 95 & NT, if you don't have the
driver installed, you usually still get 640x480 16 colors and in the
BeOS, you get nothing(just a blank screen).

Jin Yu
BeDev ID: 6731


BeDev ID: 6731


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