Erazor III extreme - RIVA TNT2 chip

Erazor III extreme - RIVA TNT2 chip

Post by Simon S » Mon, 31 Jan 2000 04:00:00

  I am trying to get the graphics display to work properly on a
emachines with RH 6.1 which I replace the video card with Erazor III
extreme - RIVA TNT2 chip. The X server came up okay and gnome runs
great!! However, when I try to run the SGI Performer software, the
graphics is worst than a $20 bucks graphics card. home
page mentioned that xfree 3.3.5 do support the chip and RH6.1 comes with
xfree86 3.3.5. Anyone has any idea how do I fine tune the driver to make
it work?
  Any help is appreciated.



Erazor III extreme - RIVA TNT2 chip

Post by Simon S » Tue, 01 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hello David,

> More information is required.  In what way are the graphics `worse'?

Its is like the logo screen on Window NT  at login before you install the
appropriate graphics card driver. Not smooth at all. I can even see the
individual dots of the pixel.

Quote:> Is SGI Performer a OpenGL application?  In which case expect poor
> performance as there is no hardware acceleration unless you have
> downloaded the drivers from nvidia's site. (

Yes it is based on OpenGL. However, I have not yet looked into the performance
of the application running on the card since I can't get the display to
display right. The last I check there were not driver for linux on ELSA
homepage. When I email ELSA, the best answer that they gave me was to go to ;( But I will check out nvidia like Dean S Jones suggested.
Hopefully it will work. Wish me luck.

Thank you very much.



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