Poor results from Stealth 2001 (ark logic)

Poor results from Stealth 2001 (ark logic)

Post by K.E.Breidenbac » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Xfree 3.2 (SVGA server)
Linux version 2.0.?? ELF

ADI Microscan 4V Monitor

I've been sent an XF86Config file which for the first time actually
gives my an output from the graphics card. The problem is that some modes
give me a completely useless output (Lower res mainly) while the highest
mode I use (1024x768) seems to be limited to about the centre 60% of the
screen - if I try to expand it the image becomes corrupted.

Could anyone give me an idea whats wrong?
mail me if poss!



Kevin E. Breidenbach
University of Kent at Canterbury.