How to change virtual size and resolution.

How to change virtual size and resolution.

Post by Aria Prima Noviant » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 07:09:05

I'd like to be able to change my virtual screen size and my resolution
at the same time. ctrl-alt-+ pnly changes the resolution. I want to
change the screen size too, so it can fit my monitor.

It would be nice if I can change my color depth at the same time,



1. Changing screen resolution AND virtual resolution?

Does someone know if it is (or is not!) possible to change both the
screen resolution AND the virtual screen resolution at the same time
with the Ctrl+Alt+Keypad-Plus/Ctrl+Alt+Keypad-Minus keystrokes? I
typically run at 1024x768 but would like to be able to change to 800x600
or 600x480, but without getting the "scrolling" virtual screen as a side
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

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