Mach32 X server gone crazy

Mach32 X server gone crazy

Post by Jose D Castil » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have just obtained the new slackware 3.0 release from just
computers. Everything seems to be working great. I used the
aidecd kernel that includes kernel 1.3.18 supporting
EIDE/ATAPI drives and cd-roms. The only problem I am having is
with X. I have an AST Advantage Pro which I upgraded from DX33
to DX2/66. The system came with a proprietory local bus SVGA
card with 1 meg. Superprobe gives me a reading that says the
card is a 68800-6 with a graphics coprocessor that uses the
Mach32 chipset as I said before. I also run X -probeonly and
copy the clocks settings, all four lines of them. I just can't
get it to work anymore. Under the 2.3 Slackware, I was never
able to get the Mach32 accelerated server to run, but the SVGA
server ran fine. Now, the same thing happens with the Mach32,
the screen blanks out and the monitor show the amber
"standby" light. When I try to run SVGA, the X screen comes up
only it has black vertical lines that are set about 1/16th of
an inch apart and cover the whole screen. I can see me FVWM in
the top left corner and I can see my mouse cursor. I can even
open applications. When I refresh the screen, it stays the
same. The worst part is, when I exit X, my tty console goes
crazy. Instead of the regular prompt, the screen turns white,
superimposing a whole bunch of crazy characters that I can
just make out. What's even stranger is that I because I am
runing GPM, I can see my cursor moving around under that white
haze!? Also, I can make out that my console is still running.
When I type in commands, I can see that they are being
written to the screen under that white haze, but the
characters are all wrong. The actions I type in seem to work,
but I can't see them. The only way I have figured out to
correct the problem is to perform a 'shutdown -h now' command.
When the machine boots back up, it runs fine, but when I try
to use X, it blows up again. I appreciate any help you gurus
out there can give me. Thanks. Linux rules!!!

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