ATI MAch 64 vs STB PowerGraph 64

ATI MAch 64 vs STB PowerGraph 64

Post by Jason Lemp » Thu, 21 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hello All!

I have an option to buy with a new computer, either an STB Powergraph
64, or an ATI Mach64, both with 2 megs of VRAM.  I have looked at the
Hardware HOWTO, and it seems that both are supported by the XFree86
3.1.2 release.  What I am wondering, is not so much fact, but
opinions.  Others that have this card, does it work well in X?  I have
seen a Mach 32, but I have never seen the Mach64.  Are both cards
approximately the same in terms of performance?

Thanks for any info that you may be able to give me!



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